13-14/02 Workshop “Visual Thinking for everyone”

Next 13th and 14th of February, the Oficial Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg will organize the workshop “Visual thinking for everyone” with the aim of sharing the basics of visual language and learning how to make better presentations.

The mentor of the workshop will be Alejandro Gil, who will explain how visual thinking can be a tool that can be mastered by everyone and can serve as a new grammar to overcome language barriers and to facilitate collaboration in co-creating environments.

Using a “learn by doing” methodology, you will learn and practice how to use visual thinking tools in your organization.


First day, 13th February:

  • The basics of the visual language: learn how to use shapes, connectors, information blocs and how to draw objects and people in your presentations and note taking. 
  • How to develop visual icons and metaphors to help you to improve your capacity to convey messages using drawings. 
  • How to use colors effectivelyand how to apply basic design graphics rules to make “on-the-go” visual presentations and note taking.
  • Practice basic presentations with the other participants, using all these elements mentioned above.

Second day, 14th February:

  • Go through the different elements of a meeting and how we can include “visual thinking” tools in each of them.
  • Develop visual metaphors that help you and your team to be more engaged and “see the bigger picture“.
  • Learn how to develop personal templates linked with the objectives of the meeting.

You can register through the following link.

If you want more information about the mentor, here.

Limited places

The workshop will be conducted in English


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