About us

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg is a non-profit association, founded in Brussels on 9th April 1938, according to Belgian private law (ASBL –VZW).

The Chamber plays an important role in trade and economic relations between Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its main objective is the development of trade and investments between Spain and the states within its territorial jurisdiction.

The Chamber offers its associated enterprises a wide range of trade promotion services, information, advice and logistical and administrative support. It provides essential information about the different markets in Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as professional contacts in its business area community. The Chamber is publicly recognized as one of the most prestigious dialogue tribunes between companies and European Institutions, based in Brussels and Luxembourg.

The Chamber is part of the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe-Africa-Asia-Oceania (FEDECOM) and maintains a permanent link with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation, which provides members the ability to benefit from the Official Chambers network around the world.

The Chamber is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government and collaborates in the Internationalization of Spanish economy Plan.

Board of Directors

Honorary ChairmanCecilia Yuste Rojas (Ambassador of Spain in Belgium)
Carlos Maria de Lojendio y Pardo Manuel de Villena (Ambassador of Spain in Luxembourg)
PresidentJuan Rodríguez-Villa Matons (Aspro Park Group)
Honorary Vice-PresidentDavid Martínez Hornillos (Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassy)
VicepresidentsPablo López Álvarez (FTI Consulting)
José Luis Rodríguez Álvarez (BBVA LuxInvest)
TreasurerMiguel Ángel Arrimadas García
Secretary GeneralMaría Catalán
Board Members:Óscar Abril Arranz (Everis)
Joseba Arriortua
Nathalie Charpentier Mavrinac (DBB LAW)
Bert Dehandschutter (Racine)
Sergio de Miguel-Jessel
José Gracia Barba (Meteora)
Ignasi Guardans Cambó (K&L Gates)
Francisco López Martin (Gas Natural)
David Luengo Riesco (Indra)
Manuel Menéndez Barrero (Santander Consumer Bank S.A/N.V.)
Angel Rebollo Piriz (Atrevia)
María Recalde Sánchez (CECA Bank)
Carlos Rodríguez Cocina (Telefónica)
Miguel Troncoso Ferrer (Gómez Acebo & Pombo)
Institutional Board MemberRafael Chamorro Marín (Spanish Tourism Office)


The Committees are made up of some our members as well as the responsible of the Chamber in the corresponding area.

These Committees have several duties: thorough studies of proposals, problematic, projects and activities… Through them, the members daily influence the Chamber in the interests of a better adaption of the Chamber´s activities to the needs of the members.

Just like the wine importers, a group of members can constitute a sector committee.

At all time, a member can ask the President of a Committee for incorporation in the Commitee and ask the Secretary General for the creation of a new group.

Committee of New Information Technologies

Coordinates and supervises the development of useful projects for the Chamber and its members, which include new technologies.

President: Sr. D. Miguel Ángel Gómez Zotano. (Everis)

Committee of Forums

The main functions of this committee are the proposal, the organization and the supervision of all the events organized by the Chamber.

President: Mr. Pablo López. (FTI Consulting)

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is part of the system of the Working Committees of the Chamber of Commerce. These committees defend their members‘ interests and support activities of the Chamber with higher efficiency.

The Legal Committee consists of lawyers and lawyer’s offices which are members of our organisation and develops essential activities for the good functioning of our Chamber. This implies participation in the committee of a promotional platform for members.

The current president of the Legal Committee is Ms.Natalie Charpentier. (Koan Legal Strategies)

Group of Spanish Wine importers

The objective of this group, founded in 1998, is to promote fluent communication and an economic flow among the companies of the sector. Market studies, participation in trade fairs, tastings and contacts with specialist journals are part of their most significant activities.

President: Mr. Wim Vanleuven. (La Buena Vida)