Type of members

Regular Member, Sponsor Member and Benefactor Member

The Chamber has three categories of membership with the corresponding fees adapted to the different necessities and advantages for the company. The association to the Chamber has general benefits for all the members with some exclusive benefits for the higher categories.

Members can be individuals or corporates. The individual member is the affiliate whose title responds to a natural person, whereas the title of the affiliate corporate member responds to a legal person.

The Regular Member benefits from, among other things, the following assets:

    • Access to a large corporate and institutional network from Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg.
    • Invitation to many network events, conferences, seminaries, training courses and other activities in Belgium and Luxembourg.
    • Special rates in commercial services, business center in Brussels, participation in events, etc.
    • Exclusive access to the Intranet for members.
    • Participation in the Committees of the Chamber.
    • Job center.

Sponsor and Benefactor Members support the activities of the Chamber through a higher contribution than the one of the Regular Member. That is the reason why, apart from benefiting from all the services that the Chamber offers to Regular Members, they enjoy other exclusive services like the following:

    • Presence of their logo on the home page of the official web of the Chamber.
    • Their logo will be present in all the communications and activities organized by the Chamber. In the digital communications, the logo will redirect to the web of the corresponding company.
    • Attendance at exclusive events.
    • Co-organization in events and promotional initiatives.
    • Priority in the sponsorship of events.
    • Outstanding presence in the membership directories of the Chamber.
    • Exclusive interview to a representative of the company, distributed through the Newsletter and the yearbook of the Chamber.

Membership fee

Types of memberships Annual fee
Regular 350€
Sponsor 1.750€
Benefactor 3.500€

The partners (Regular, Sponsor and Benefactor members) can be individuals or corporations.

An individual member corresponds to a member whose title corresponds to one natural person.

A corporate member corresponds to a member whose title corresponds to a legal entity.


Procedures for membership

1Scan and send the accesion form to secretariogeneral@e-camara.com, or deliver it personally to Rue Belliard 20, 1040 Brussels / Blvd. Emmanuel Servais 4. 2535 – Luxembourg.

2The application for membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Chamber, the body responsible for accepting candidates for its authorization.

3If the application is approved, admission will be communicated by email and the amount of the first membership fee invoice will be issued. The payment concerning the quota supposes immediate incorporation as an active partner.

If your company is not a member, feel free to contact the Chamber: info@e-camara.com