The Committees are composed by some of our members as well as the responsible of the Chamber in the corresponding area.

These Committees have several responsibilities: to analyze thoroughly the proposals, problematic, projects and activities… Through them, the members influence daily the Chamber in order to better adapt the Chamber´s activities to the needs of the members.

At all time, a member can ask the President of a Committee to be part of the Committee and ask the Secretary General to create a new group.

New Information Technologies Committee

Coordinates and supervises the development of useful projects for the Chamber and its members, which include new technologies.

President: Sr. D. Miguel Ángel Gómez Zotano. (Everis)

Forums Committee

The main functions of this committee are the proposal, the organization and the supervision of all the events organized by the Chamber.

President: Mr. Pablo López. (FTI Consulting)

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is part of the system of the Working Committees of the Chamber of Commerce. These committees defend their members‘ interests and support activities of the Chamber with higher efficiency.

The Legal Committee consists of lawyers and lawyer’s offices which are members of our organisation and develops essential activities for the good functioning of our Chamber. This implies participation in the committee of a promotional platform for members.

The current president of the Legal Committee is Ms.Natalie Charpentier. (Koan Legal Strategies)

Group of Spanish Wine importers

The objective of this group, founded in 1998, is to promote fluent communication and an economic flow among the companies of the sector. Market studies, participation in trade fairs, tastings and contacts with specialist journals are part of their most significant activities.

President: Mr. Wim Vanleuven. (La Buena Vida)