The Spain Means Innovation program is an initiative run by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg. The main purpose is to act as an independent platform to enhance the commercial and business interests of Spanish companies at local level in Belgium and Luxembourg. The objective of the program is to provide Spanish companies with access to the market and relevant actors in BeLux for the development of their activity, implementing commercial intelligence and developing with them influence and trusted networks at all levels.

Middle term objectives of the program:

  • Project an image of Spain as an innovative, modern and avant-garde country in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Position Spanish companies as products and services suppliers, and strategic partners in certain activity sectors
  • Encourage the collaboration between Spanish and local companies for the project’s development in Belux
  • Facilitate the lobbying of Spanish companies with local public institutions
  • Identify and report business opportunities in Belgium and Luxembourg

The Chamber will elaborate annually with the participating Spanish companies, a strategic and communication plan oriented to accomplish the objectives.

For the year 2020, the following priority sectors have been selected:


  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility
  • Health
  • Digitalization
  • Creative industries
  • Architecture/Civil Engineering /Construction


  • Financial sector/Fintech
  • Digitalization
  • Tourism
  • Luxury industry

The Spanish companies that are members of the Chamber in the categories of Sponsor and Benefactor can participate in the program, in all the actions and activities foreseen.

The Chamber has the collaboration of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg for the development of the program.

More information about Spain Means Innovation here.