Lobbying in the EU

This workshop offers a global vision of the functions and competences of the European institutions, as well as of the different dialogue channels they have in order to provide the participants with knowledge and tools that allow them to establish an effective dialogue with the Community authorities.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the institutional structure of the EU, the competence of the EU and the legislative and decision-making process among others, as well as visiting different institutions.

The workshop is held by prestigious professionals working at a variety of multinationals, specialized consultants and business organizations, as well as European officials, and will include case studies.

The core objectives of this training are the following:

  • Know the current structure and mechanisms of the main European institutions in order to develop an appropriate and efficient strategy for dialogue.
  • Conceive and implement lobbying strategic plans in companies and institutions.
  • Know the key elements for negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Understand the role of the Public Affairs director and of business and employers’ associations and theirs functions in the European legislative process.
  • Acquire the main tools to follow and contribute to the European legislative process (participation in public enquiries, position papers, amendment, partnership building, etc.).
  • Know what are the funding opportunities for companies.
  • Identify the keys to an easy access to European contracts.

For more information and to know the date of the next workshop, please, send us an email to info@e-camara.com.