European Tenders and Projects

These workshops on European tenders and projects aim to fulfil the educational and capability needs for businessman and CEOs who understand that, in order to carry out the internationalisation of its company, these are the alternative answer to the high competitiveness of the markets. These workshops allow users to acquire enough knowledge to start preparing tenders and projects according to the procedures of the European Union.

The core objectives of this training are the following:

  • Familiarize participants with the most important concepts to start preparing tenders and applying for projects in the European markets.
  • Provide participants with both, theory and hands-on experience.
  • Guide companies in the understanding that the preparation of a tender or project is not as hard as it seems.
  • Encourage companies to participate and help them search for different opportunities that exist in multilateral institutions.
  • Allow participants to know all the steps to follow for the detection of an opportunity and the preparation of the offer.
  • Have the necessary knowledge in terms of finding experts and forming consortiums.
  • Have practical examples of European bidding and expression of interest with a complete analysis of its different subsets (administrative dossiers, technical offers and economic proposals).
  • Have learned to work in a group and have been able to develop networking with the other participants thanks to these two sessions.

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