Communication for EU Projects


The “Communication for EU Projects” training course was created in response to the need to train professionals in communication, public affairs, marketing, public communication and institutional or corporate branding in the management and implementation of integrated communication in their organisations for European programmes and projects.

Among the many different topics covered in this training, the following stand out:

  • Introduction to European Communication. By way of an introduction, the paper explains the increasingly important role that communication plays in publicising the large number of actions and projects carried out by the EU.
  • Typology of European Projects. A brief overview is given of the different types of projects carried out by the EU, highlighting the most established projects such as ERASMUS+ or those planned for the coming months/years.
  • European consortia in communication management. It explains how consortia work and how they differ from commercial communication.
  • Design and construction of a communication strategy. Definition of communication objectives.
  • Construction of a communication plan from start to finish, adapted to the particularities of European project communication.

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