Soft Improve – Soft Skills to Improve Career, Business and Employability

The aim of Soft Improve is to provide professionals and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and practice of the soft skills needed to increase their employability, improve their career prospects and increase their chances of success.

This Erasmus+ co-funded project will implement a series of activities over 36 months. The specific objectives of the project are:

      • Characterise soft skills, decipher the role they play in enhancing employability, career and business and assess the needs and expectations of professionals and entrepreneurs for soft skills training;
      • Specify and develop a methodology combining face-to-face and distance learning for soft skills training, together with tools to monitor and evaluate trainees’ progress;
      • Develop a face-to-face soft skills training course combining theoretical knowledge, coaching, gamification and peer feedback, to be pilot tested, evaluated and refined;
      • Build a distance learning platform on soft skills composed of specifically adapted and developed content;
      • Promote a generation of professionals and entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable and well-trained in soft skills, with the message that soft skills are as important as hard skills, and can be improved through learning.

Who can participate?

      • Employed and unemployed professionals and aspiring or active entrepreneurs who want to improve their soft skills to increase their employability, enhance their career prospects or increase the chances of success of their businesses.
      • Students, recent graduates and alumni looking for a job, wishing to boost their career or start their business.
      • Companies of any size, NGOs, associations to provide business cases.

The Consortium

This project will be implemented at local level by:

      • Official Spanish Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg – Belgium/Luxembourg
      • Immersium Studio – Spain
      • Innogate to Europe SL – Spain
      • Institut de Préparation à l’Administration et la Gestion – France
      • Italienische Handelskammer fur Deutschland – Germany

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For further information:
Andrea Galante, Project Manager