W4TEX, the project to strength women’s representation in senior textile positions

W4TEX, Strengthening Women’s Representation in Senior Textile Positions is a comprehensive project designed to empower women in the textile sector by offering a specialised training package centred on managerial skills.

This initiative is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and its main objectives through 30 months of implementation are:

      • Provide women and educators with training package focused on managerial skills for the textile sector.
      • To develop a toolkit on green practices for a sustainable textile ecosystem.
      • To organise Ideathons to prepare women for job integration.
      • To empower and motivate women to take over managerial positions in the textile sector.
      • To create communication channels between women, SME managers, and textile company owners.
      • To offer women transnational training and connect them on a European scale.

Who can participate?

      • Women living in the project partner countries (Belgium, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Italy and Ukraine)
      • Women displaced to the partner countries due to armed conflict in the country of origin.
      • Teachers, mentors, public and private adult education organizations providing training, guidance or counseling.
      • Employment and employability support agencies.
      • Companies and entrepreneurs.


The Consortium

This project is implemented in each country by:

For more information:

Noelia Sánchez, Project Manager