Company: Alcanda Matchmaking
Interviewed person: Verónica Alcanda
Post: CEO
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Briefly describe your professional career.

Before launching Alcanda Matchmaking in Spain in 2013, I worked for 25 years in multinational companies on 4 continents in the service sector. I always loved my profession and the life experiences I gained throughout all those years, but it required a 24/7 365 days a year dedication and, although for many years I put my work before my personal life, there came a time when I decided it was time to switch my priorities and give more importance to my private life so I took the plunge to start my own business.

How did the idea of creating a company dedicated to matchmaking focused on a specific sector such as Alcanda Matchmaking come about?

It was born out of a personal need after having lived abroad for many years and, after returning to Spain, I felt like a foreigner in my own country and realised that the Spanish reality when it came to meeting like-minded people with whom to establish a relationship had changed radically and, although it was very easy to meet new people, almost always at the click of a thumb through a screen, it was extremely difficult to meet people with the same values, tastes, hobbies and life goals as me.

Could you briefly describe your company’s business model and what differentiates it from the big matchmaking platforms?

Alcanda Matchmaking is the first matchmaking company in Spain which offers Head Hunting Sentimental© services, a method patented by us, for senior executives and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a stable sentimental relationship with someone of the same level.

As creators of the Head Hunting Sentimental© method, our business model is based on the active and personalised search, in a professional and ethical manner, for people who are similar to our clients in order to initiate a sentimental relationship.

As pioneers of this type of service in Spain, and after almost a decade of success, we are a reference and a model to follow, not only in Spain but also in Latin America, for those Matchmaking companies that were later created in several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, etc.

What added value does your company offer and why do you think it could be interesting in a country like Luxembourg?

Our clientele are mainly senior executives and entrepreneurs, with parity between men and women, with a cosmopolitan and international profile, who have no time to waste in an arduous and complicated search such as finding someone with whom to build a life together, especially when one is looking for efficiency and professionalism. If we add to this the fact that many people become single or divorced in Luxembourg, we would be a very interesting and discreet way for them to achieve their life goals without having to expose themselves publicly on social networks.

Moreover, after the pandemic, we experienced a growth in demand for our services of 50% in 2020 and 30% in 2021, and this was because, for many people, the confinement in which they were plunged was a revulsive on an emotional level and they realised how important it is to have someone close to you in good times, but, above all, in difficult times such as social isolation. This feeling can be similar to the one experienced by “singles” when moving to another country for work.

What are your expectations of being part of an institution like the Chamber?

The main objective is to be part of a group of people with similar and professional profiles to interact with them and to make our services known in case they might be of interest to other members of the Chamber.
But also to exchange experiences and vital knowledge, beyond the professional ones, in order to enrich ourselves on a personal level through them.