The Chamber hosts a training to improve public speaking and networking skills


On 23rd January and 24th January the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organised an on-site training, at the Chamber’s premises (Rue Belliard, 20, 1º, 1040 – Brussels), on “Public speaking and networking: How to understand and connect with your audience”, in collaboration with Masha Tarle, Communications Skills Trainer and Communication Expert.

This training focused on providing professionals with the necessary tools to make presentations and speeches oriented to the audience’s needs.

The first session was introductory and more theoretical, offering advice on what aspects should be taken into account when preparing a presentation.

During the second session, participants were able to put into practice and focus on how to address the audience during a speech and the importance of words and their proper use.

Throughout both sessions, participants had the opportunity to learn about examples of good and bad practices in public speaking and how to effectively design and manage an audience-focused communication strategy.