Success of the 7th Workshop on Social Media Management for Business and European Projects

Last 26th and 27th of October, the Chamber held the 7th edition of the Workshop on Social Media Management and European projects, in order to promote the image of business in the European market.

During the first day, after everyone’s presentations, the teacher Philippe Schifflers (@Philschifflers) started by explaining the role of a Community Manager, as well as their main characteristics and attributes. He also showed some of the most relevant tools that any social media manager should know. On the other hand, he explained how to elaborate a social media strategy and how to measure the ROI of our strategy. Finally, he focused on the social networks Facebook and Google +, explaining on the first place some useful data about each one of them, how to correctly use them in a company and, lastly, some success cases and best practices.

During the second day, Schifflers explained several social media networks: Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. At the same time, he described the different functions that each one of those networks can offer and how companies can use them in order to create engagement and position their brands. Lastly, he focused on how to use Hootsuite, a Social Media Platform Management which is very useful in order to manage different accounts at the same time as well as plan the content to be distributed in each one of them. Hootsuite is a very helpful tool that may make Community Manager’s work much easier.

The workshop took place in a very participative and dynamic atmosphere, in which the participants had the opportunity to know the basis of a good social media management in their particular positions at institutions, organizations and companies.