Antoine Blondiaux, new entrepreneur through the EYE programme

The young entrepreneur Antoine Blondiaux, new participant in the European programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) through the Chamber.

Antoine is an ambitious Belgian entrepreneur who has the objective of launching his project DeliveShip, an innovative online shopping solution for seamen. After working for several multinationals, Antoine decided to start developing his own project motivated by the opportunities offered by this market. The next step is now to validate his business idea with an experienced entrepreneur in the sector.

The host entrepreneur chosen by Antoine to carry out the exchange is Alejandro Madico, owner of the Spanish company Madico&Villaroel, located in the surroundings of the port of Valencia. Madico&Villarroel is a family-owned business specialized in the retail market for maritime travelers with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Antoine has now the objective to continue working on his project supported by the experience of Alejandro and benefiting from doing his exchange in Valencia, city with the second most important port of Spain in terms of traffic. On the other hand, this exchange will allow the host entrepreneur to broaden his network in Europe and to get new insights from the new entrepreneur.

The exchange between Antoine and Alejandro will last 2 months. It will be an excellent opportunity for both entrepreneurs to share their experience, move forward with their projects and explore potential collaborations.