Apply to join the Spanish Financial Forum of the Chamber in Luxembourg

From April 15th, all members of the Chamber whose activity falls within the framework of the financial sector in Luxembourg may submit a request to participate in the Spanish Financial Forum (SFF).

The aim of this working group is to create in Luxembourg a space for opinion and debate on economic and financial issues where professionals working in companies related to the provision of financial services who are members of the Chamber can share experiences, establish collaborations, exchange information on sector trends and generate business. It also aims to position itself as the main “hispanic” interlocutor with the Luxembourg institutions in the financial sector.
The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • To improve the image and perception that Luxembourg projects in Spain, mainly in professional environments.
  • To act as the main “hispanic” interlocutor and lobby to the Luxembourg financial sector authorities.
  • To facilitate networking among the members of the SFF, so that they can share experiences, establish partnerships and exchange information on industry trends.
  • To act as a link to Latin American markets.
  • To encourage the attraction and retention of Spanish talent to Luxembourg.


Participation in the SFF is exclusive for members of the Chamber.


Apply to join the SFF sending the REGISTRATION FORM to


More information about the SFF HERE.