COCEF celebrates its 130th anniversary and delivers its 2016 awards

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in France (COCEF) celebrated its 130th anniversary on 15th December. The Spanish Ambassador in France, his Excellency Ramón de Miguel and the President of COCEF, Mr. José Michel García, handed the prizes of the 2016 COCEF awards.

Among the prizes awarded, SAICA received the Company of the year award, CT Ingenieros the the SMEs award and Mrs. Teresa Ribera (IDDRI director and former Spanish state minister for climate change) received the 2016 Person of the Year award.

During the event held in the prestigious Opera salon of the Paris le Grand Intercontinental Hotel, the president of the COCEF talked about the parallelism between the second industrial revolution and its enormous socio-cultural transformations that took place in 1886 (when COCEF was founded), with the current period, given the revolution taking place in the technological field and the new environmental challenges.

The Ambassador of Spain in France, his Excellency Ramón de Miguel, highlighted the close collaboration between COCEF and the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in France. He also emphasized the effectiveness and the importance of the role of COCEF in the international trade, for the companies’ services and congratulated and showed his admiration to the COCEF President.

Close to 200 people attended the event, including members of the Spanish diplomatic body and the executives of the most influential companies of both Spain and France.

The President of FEDECOM Juan Rodríguez-Villa Matons and the Secretary General of the Official Spanish Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg, María Catalán, participated in the celebration supporting the activities developed by COCEF in France.