Listings of Companies


What does it consist of?

Through its extensive database, the Chamber prepares lists of companies located in Belgium, Luxembourg and / or Spain, by sector of activity and by location.

The lists of companies contribute to the expansion of your network of business contacts, customers, suppliers, distributors, dealers, etc.

In the lists provided by the Chamber, you will find complete information of each of the companies (company name, address, zip code, city, phone, fax, email, website, etc.)

We also have a list of Spanish companies in Belgium and / or Luxembourg.


We ask the company to indicate which filter criteria the Chamber has to apply for the elaboration of the list of companies :Sector of activity, location, type (importing company / distributors / commercial / agents / etc ).


Type of listing Price
Up to 100 contacts 100€ + VAT
More than 100 contacts Budget
List of Spanish companies in Belgium and / or Luxembourg 50€ + VAT

How to request?

Do not hesitate to request a listing through

Free Service for Members of the Chamber.