Trade Mission

Through this service, the Chamber can help you introduce your product or service in Belgium and / or Luxembourg. In a trade mission we differentiate the following stages:

With the aim of studying the viability of the product / service in Belgium and / or Luxembourg, the Chamber will prepare a preliminary report containing information on the sector, competitive analysis, product positioning, recommendations, and any included additional information that may be of interest to the company.

Although the Chamber recommends the implementation of all phases of a Trade Mission to ensure its success, it offers companies the possibility to hire separate services of interest.

It also offers the possibility to organize Reverse Trade Missions to Belgian / Luxembourgian companies interested in exporting to Spain.

Required information 

  • Detailed information about the company and its business activity.
  • Product / services files.
  • Sales prices.


The estimated average time required to execute a full trade mission is 2 months from receipt of proof of payment.


The cost varies depending on the activity of the business sector.

Members of Chambers may benefit from a preferential rate.

The Chamber will make a cost reduction in the recruitment of multisectoral trade missions.

How do I apply?

Feel free to request a quote through