DG VET – Innovative training material and methodology to support the development of marketable digital and green skills of NEET youth from rural areas to empower their employability

DG VET is a European project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and managed by the Chamber of Commerce.

It is a 24-month project that aims to develop an innovative methodology and training material, accompanied by an e-learning platform to support the development of digital and green skills required by the labour market, especially in agriculture. In this way it aims to improve the employability of economically inactive and uneducated rural youth, with an emphasis on women between 18 and 30 years old.

DG VET project partners recognise the important contribution of the digital and green economy (DaGE) sectors in creating employment opportunities for young people living in rural areas. In addition, the project will seek to address:

      • The phenomenon of the digital gap: the difference between those living in rural areas and those living in cities in terms of access to ICT.
      • The skills mismatch between job requirements and the skills of workers in the DaGE sectors.
      • The lack of political commitment in promoting and implementing youth-friendly VET programmes.

Who can participate?

      • Economically inactive and uneducated rural youth aged 18-30, especially women.
      • VET teachers/trainers.
      • VET organisations.
      • Education providers and organisations.
      • Local public authorities operating in the field of education (organisation, supervision, promotion, etc.).
      • Experts and decision-makers at regional/national/European level and relevant networks of interest.

The Consortium

This project will be implemented at local level by:

      • Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg – Belgium/Luxembourg
      • Neotalentway – Spain
      • Akmi Anonimi Ekpaideftiki Etairia – Greece
      • Stando Ltd – Cyprus
      • Squaredev – Belgium
      • Innovation Hive – Greece
      • Balkan Bridge Eood – Bulgary
      • Levilo – Association for environmental and social sustainability – Austria

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For further information:
Andrea Galante, Project Manager