First meeting of Spanish Chamber’s Plenary

Last 18th of February, the Plenary of the newly formed Spanish Chamber met in Madrid under the presidency of José Luis Bonet.

The Plenary is the supreme governing body and general representation of the Spanish Chamber and it is consists of more than 75 entities related to commerce. The President of the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, participated in Plenary as President of FEDECOM.

During his opening speech, José Luis Bonet appealed to the responsibility of the organization, which includes more or less three million of businesses, to continue efforts in order to overcome the crisis that it is affecting our economy.

The President of Spanish Chamber appealed to the common sense, not sharing the opinion of those who predict a change in the system of society. “Thanks to the current system -he said- we have lived a long period of progress and have enjoyed an advanced welfare state”. The future, Bonet thinks, goes through a review of the mistakes instead of changing a system that has proven its effectiveness.

Juan Rodriguez-Villa intervened on behalf of FECECA (America) and FEDECOM (rest of world) to express his appreciation to the Government’s legislative initiative, which will promote cohesion between the Chambers in Spain and the network of the Official Chambers abroad. He also thanked the Bureau of the House and the responsables of International Relationships the mission being carried out to achieve a great cooperation between the Chambers in Spain and the Spanish Chambers abroad.

Rodriguez-Villa also wanted to stress that it is necessary that both the administration and the entrepreneurship work together in the process of internationalization.