French for business courses

The use of French language for business have become more relevant in the past decades and it has become one of the most spoken languages in European and international institutions, besides being one of the official languages in Belgium.

When we attend a meeting we should have some guidelines very clear, since day-to-day French is very different than French for business, where you will need a more formal and specific vocabulary for when you refer to your clients, associates or providers.

Furthermore, learning French for business will also increase your business opportunities. You will be able to either write a formal letter, send a job application, make an oral presentation or answer the phone. It will make things much easier avoiding communication problems.

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg offers the opportunity to participate in French for business courses, which will be given by native and highly-qualified teachers.

Practical information

Where: headquarters of the Chamber in Brussels (Rue Belliard 20, 1º)

Number of students: from 3 to 7 people

The people interested in taking the courses will have to prove a B1 level in French. All participants will be required to pass a level test, which will be taken before the beginning of the course

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