Company: Vinces Consulting
Interviewed people: David Córdova and Elena Ortiz
Positions: Founder and Partner Director / Associate Director and Head of EU Affairs


Vinces has more than 10 years of experience. What are the reasons that led you to expand the company to Brussels? How have you introduced your services in the European capital?

Vinces was created in 2010 with the purpose of transforming the public and private relationships. At that time, when some people confused the participation in public decisions with clientelism; defending their own interests with their contacts; and in which social legitimacy was set aside, Vinces took the step defending and promoting a new form of participation and representation of interests based on social license, technical and regulatory legitimacy and respect of the Government, Administration and representatives decisions.

After the consolidation of the company in Spain, we decided to open an office in Brussels in 2017 to offer our clients an aligned strategy and defend their legitimate interests in the regulatory and political areas of the European Union. We wanted to be useful to our clients to be participatory agents in the deliberation processes by the European institutions.

What are the main services that Vinces offers to its clients?

Vinces offers a strategic consulting in public affairs, advising our clients on the representation of their interests through its own methodology based on the principle of “The more legitimated is a private interest in the social and economic-regulatory environment, the more influential it will be in the political sphere.” We operate at the three levels in which a company must project its legitimacy: the political, the regulatory or legislative and the social environment.

Based on this methodology, which we apply to all our work, the services we offer are adapted to the needs of our clients: it can be an advice to structure the public affairs activity within the organization and outline the department in a three-year plan, influence´s strategies on regulatory risks or opportunities, social mobilization campaigns, preparation of reports of economic impact or comparative law, etc.

What characterizes us, in addition to the methodology, is that we are able to adapt into what the client really needs. For example, with the COVID 19 crisis, we are helping many companies to contribute their products and services with different solutions to the administrations, fulfilling our purpose of serving the public interest from the private sector.

Belgium attracts a big amount of companies of your sector. Looking into the evolution of Vinces in Brussels, what are the differentiating points of Vinces compared to the other companies in the same sector?

In addition to our own method, there are three factors that differentiate Vinces from our competitors. Firstly, is that the essence of Vinces is a boutique. Despite our growth (300% in the last three years and double our staff in two years), we maintain this spirit that allows us to offer our clients a close and personalized treatment. Secondly, we have a highly qualified team, normally without a big staff turnover. And also, Vinces has invested in the last four years all its benefits in applying artificial intelligence to public affairs, and in the digital transformation of the government or public affairs department, so it can manage more efficiently and effectively its interaction with different groups. We have a division, Vinces Tech, which is the pioneer in Spain in the application of artificial intelligence to public affairs. This has allowed us to develop our own digital tools with the aim of providing our clients with the best intelligence in the political, regulatory and social fields.

Looking into the future, what are the plans or challenges for Vinces in 2020?

According to our forecasts, we expect to grow a 40% during this year. As for the international expansion, the challenges that we have this year are to continue growing in Europe and Latin America, and to plan the opening in Italy, where we have been already carrying out specific projects.

How does Vinces, being a Spanish company based in Belgium, see the commercial and business relations between both countries?

Commercial and business relationships are without doubt very fluid between both countries, due to the result of many years of commercial exchanges. Belgium is a country that offers many opportunities being in the center of Europe and being the nerve center of the European Union.

Vinces is a sponsor member of the Chamber. What are the benefits that this affiliation has brought to Vinces?

Since our affiliation with the Chamber, we have had the opportunity to participate in many meetings that they organize. This has allowed us to meet other members and have the opportunity to exchange impressions and experiences of the Spanish companies in Brussels, but also to meet and contact potential clients. Furthermore, the Chamber has a magnificent capacity to reach highly relevant figures in the European institutions and its breakfasts and lunches are always relevant. Finally, I would highlight the flexibility of the Chamber with its members, since they are open to other events and formats giving all the facilities so that they could be organized.