Company: Fiscalift
Interviewed people: Florentino Quidiello y Laurent Degrelle
Positions: Authorised accountant by the professional accounting institute of Belgium (IPCF) – Tax management Master / Accountant – Master in tax management.
Email: info@fiscalift.be


What are the main services that Fiscalift offers to its clients?

The activity of any Company involves management and, therefore, an accounting activity. With our clients, we want to go beyond the numbers; because, if the financial result of any Company is expressed in numbers, the means to achieve it are mechanisms and processes that belong to the management area.

Our approach is to exchange information regularly and anticipate to the opportunities and potential problems that our clients may have.

Thanks to their experience, our accountants put their knowledge at the services of the companies helping them with the accounting of their company. In this way, our clients can focus on other aspects of managing their business.
Also, we present the tax returns corresponding to all administrations and regimes.

Likewise, we help entrepreneurs to create their company by studying the viability of their project, developing a financial plan and assisting them during the creation of the it.

In addition, we have our own digital platform “MyFiscalift” where our clients can check the accounting situation of their Company 24h a day.

What are the differentiating points of Fiscalift compared to the other companies in the same sector?

Fiscalift is a fiduciary agent that has been designed for the needs of the companies in terms of accounting, taxes and relations with the administration, and our main objective is to be on the side of the companies.

With our acquired experience in the financial sector, Fiscalift supports each of its clients in the administrative, accounting and tax procedures that arise during their economic activity.

We also try to anticipate each of the problems that our clients may find: “Anticipating to client problems is finding solutions.”.

What does the name of Fiscalift mean and what do you want to convey with it?

Our name has a complete meaning:
FISCA (…) refers to our activity sector;
– (…) LIFT to show the support we offer to our clients in the growth of their business.

Fiscalift offers a collaboration based on shared interest. This is achieved through regular Exchange of information, a climate of mutual trust (the root of the word “fiduciary” means “trust”) and anticipation of their opportunities and problems.

Looking into the future, what are the plans or challenges for your company?

With the currently digital emergency, workers in our sector face the disappearance of a series of tasks that previously corresponded to us. For this reason, Fiscalift took this opportunity to acquire a digital platform that allows our clients to greatly reduce the administrative burden of their activities.
In this way, Fiscalift has more time offering an added value to its clients thanks to its invaluable advice: search of financing, improving margins, tax advice, etc.
Looking ahead, the development of artificial intelligence and the automation of accounting services remain on our top priorities.

How has speaking Spanish brought you closer to Spanish companies and entrepreneurs?

In our activity, we can find in Brussels a large number of entrepreneurs from different countries. The Spanish and Latin business community has a great presence and many of our clients are from there. We also advise a large number of freelancers whose language is Spanish.

Fiscalift has recently joined as a sponsor member of the Chamber, what are the main benefits that your company expects with this affiliation?

We hope to have a close and fruitful collaboration with the Spanish community and the Chamber of Commerce.