Company name: Frame Architects
Contact person: José María de la Cuadra Osborne
Position: Director


How did the idea and the name of Frame come about? What motivated you to create your own studio?

Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to set up my own studio. I studied architecture with that goal in mind. All the work and experiences have helped me to succeed on it. .

I’ve been thinking about what to call the studio for quite some time. I was looking for something that represented the way we design and that makes us different from the rest of the architects.

When you frame an object, you enhance and empower its beauty, without destroying its essence. I think that architecture should apply this concept and, metaphorically, frame, enhance the virtue of the site where the work is going to be conceived, whether it is a particular context, a landscape or an 18th century interior.

What is Frame all about? What kind of services does it offer?

At Frame we do projects of all kinds, from interior renovations to new property developments. We offer design services, building permits, 3D images, construction monitoring and also design and build construction services for both residential and office buildings.

What characterizes Frame’s projects? What kind of clients do you work with?

At Frame, as I mentioned earlier, each project is unique because of the different background they are in. Our job is to get the most out of the whole.

We work with Spanish and Belgian companies of all kinds, both real estate management companies and others that do not specialise in real estate. We also work with private clients of different nationalities. There are many expats in Brussels who have made real estate investments and want to invest in some kind of work to bring an added value to their assets.

How has the experience of starting up in Belgium been?

Very positive, at first full of doubts, but I have had good professionals by my side who have known how to advise me well.

What are your future projects and what projects would you like to carry out in Brussels?

We have several new residential projects that we are designing with great enthusiasm. As for future projects, we would like to increase the number of annual public tenders.

You are part of the EmprendeBelux programme. What benefits have you experienced from this membership?

It has brought me benefits in my network of contacts and also in finding European architects who are looking for work in Brussels.