Company: SD Worx
Interviewed person: Isabelle Kerdranvat
Position: Global Sales Consultant
Twitter: @SDWorx
LinkedIn: SD Worx

What is your link to Spain?

I have a strong connection with Spain, both personally and professionally. I studied in Madrid and lived there for a total of three years, immersing myself in the vibrant Spanish culture and language. I also had the privilege of working for SAP in Barcelona for two years, gaining valuable professional experience. During my time in Spain, I developed a profound appreciation for the vibrant culture and built lasting friendships, which I still cherish and maintain through regular visits.

Fluent in Spanish, I seamlessly blend my cultural experiences with my professional expertise. Originally from Brittany in France and currently residing in Germany, I bring a unique European perspective. This diverse background has enriched my understanding of various business landscapes, allowing me to navigate and address the specific needs of different markets effectively.

With a robust understanding of both the European market and the specifics of the Spanish business environment, I am well-equipped to support our clients and partners. I am excited to connect with members of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and explore opportunities for collaboration and growth.

What are the main services of SD Worx and what is your added value in comparison to other similar companies?

SD Worx offers end-to-end HR and payroll solutions, serving over 90,000 customers globally. With local expertise in 26 European countries, we process 5.7 million payslips monthly. Our solutions span the entire employee life cycle, including staffing and recruitment, payroll and reward, core HR, workforce management, talent, and career development. What sets us apart:

  • European Focus: strong presence in 26 countries, close to our customers, addressing diverse cultural and regulatory needs.
  • Global agility: support for companies across 120+ countries in 5 continents
  • Local expertise: payroll experts specialised in the local legislation in countries across Europe ensure swift responses and have the knowledge to also handle exceptions, guaranteeing compliance with local regulations.
  • Human interactions: direct engagement with a dedicated relationship manager ensures personalised and seamless interaction backed by technology.
  • Evolving technology: Advanced technology enhances efficiency and employee engagement. Our 4.6-star-rated employee app mysdworx benefits over 1 million users.
  • Strategic vision: commitment to help our customers across Europe – of any size in any industry, doing business locally and internationally – in their growth by supporting them with their payroll and HR, through a combined offering of software and services.

SD Worx combines local presence, global reach, and deep expertise to deliver unmatched value in HR and payroll solutions.

As a multinational company, SD Worx has followed a strategy of expansion over the years, gaining a presence in more and more regions of the European Union. What are your goals for the coming years?

In the coming years, SD Worx aims to deepen its market penetration in existing regions and to expand its solutions to European countries where it is not present yet. The focus will be on enhancing digital transformation capabilities, developing more scalable and flexible HR solutions, and pursuing strategic partnerships and acquisitions to broaden service offerings and geographic reach.

What can SD Worx offer to other member companies of our Chamber?

SD Worx provides payroll and HR solutions in 26 countries. Our solutions mirror the members’ organisation. If a company hires its first employee abroad, we have tailor-made support that offers complete peace of mind. We also have the right solutions and expertise in place to support larger midmarket or large enterprises with their queries.

What is SD Worx’s presence in Spain like?

SD Worx has a robust presence in Spain, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and Malaga, led by Carlos Pardo González, Managing Director of SD Worx Iberia. A team of over 50 HR professionals serve 180 customers and manage over 160,000 users/pay slips. In addition, over 300 colleagues in Spain support SD Worx and its customers across Europe. The Spanish operations generated €6.3M in revenue in 2023.

Notably, 27% of our employees work from home each week, reflecting our flexible work culture. Additionally, SD Worx’s commitment to excellence, team work, sustainability, health, diversity and inclusion is mirrored in the sponsorship of Team SD Worx Protime, the world’s number one women’s cycling team. In 2023 strong team work and individual talent led to 64 race wins.