Company: PwC Legal Luxembourg
Interviewed Person: Jean-Baptiste Joannard-Lardant
Position: Senior Associate

Shortly describe your professional career.

Jean-Baptiste possesses a distinguished educational background, having pursued studies in France at Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and in the UK at London School of Economics and Political Science/Queen Mary University of London.

With over three years of professional experience within the corporate structuring services department at PwC Luxembourg, Jean-Baptiste transitioned to the corporate practice of PwC Legal in 2018. Here, he provided strategic counsel to both local and international clientele on complex corporate structuring, private equity and M&A transactions. Jean-Baptiste was successfully admitted to the Luxembourg bar in 2022.

As a result of a growing focus on Banking and Capital Markets, Jean-Baptiste joined the BCM team of PwC Legal in July 2023.

During his tenure at PwC Legal Luxembourg, spanning four years, Jean-Baptiste operated from Madrid, Spain, strategically expanding the firm’s network within the Spanish market.

Currently serving as a Senior Associate within the Banking and Capital Markets practice, Jean-Baptiste offers expert counsel to clients across a spectrum of financing transactions, encompassing secured and unsecured bank lending, as well as acquisition and asset finance. His advisory extends to both domestic and international corporate entities, as well as financial institutions, providing strategic guidance on capital markets transactions alongside comprehensive support on associated regulatory compliance matters. Jean-Baptiste continues to leverage his multilingual abilities in English, Spanish, and French to deliver comprehensive legal solutions to clients.

Which activity does your company currently develop in Luxembourg?

PwC Legal is an independent law firm registered with the Luxembourg Bar, member of the PwC Network. It is a full-service business law firm, offering professional legal services in the following practice areas:

  •  Banking & Capital Markets.
  •  Investment Investments.
  •  Corporate Restructuring.
  •  Mergers and Acquisitions.
  •  Private Equity.
  •  Real Estate.
  •  Technologies & IP.
  •  Employment.

Our clients benefit from the reassurance of recognised standards of quality, as well as from our strong ethics and independence.

What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to its competitors?

PwC Legal’s global network is the largest in the world in terms of geographic coverage, which is a significant advantage and a source of added value for our clients.

As an independent law firm registered with the Luxembourg Bar whilst benefiting from the PwC network’s synergies, PwC Legal Luxembourg is an outstanding player on the Luxembourg legal market offering end-to-end services through a single point of contact. It also provides greater visibility and overall monitoring of business issues. As a member of this global legal network, we can combine the extensive benefits of a large network and the close client relationship of a human sized law firm.

PwC Legal Luxembourg’s lawyers advise their clients in several languages and have several Spanish speakers in the team.

How do you think the Spanish Financial Forum can add value to the financial services industry in Luxembourg and its professionals?

The Spanish Financial Forum presents a unique opportunity to bridge connections and foster collaboration between the financial services industries of Luxembourg and Spanish professionals. By facilitating dialogue, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, the forum can add significant value to professionals in Luxembourg’s financial sector in several ways:

Market Insights: The forum can serve as a platform for Spanish professionals to gain valuable insights into the Luxembourg financial market, including regulatory developments, market trends, and investment opportunities.

Networking Opportunities: Through networking events and conferences, the Spanish Financial Forum provides professionals in the financial sector with opportunities to engage in dialogue (in Spanish in particular) and connect with potential clients, partners, and stakeholders. Building strong relationships between Spain and Luxembourg can open doors to new business opportunities and collaborations.

Business Development: The forum can facilitate business development efforts by providing a platform for professionals to showcase their expertise, services and offerings to an audience seeking advice and guidance in the Luxembourg financial sector. This visibility can help attract potential clients from Spain and enhance the reputation and credibility of Luxembourg-based firms and of the Luxembourg’s financial sector.

Learning and Professional Development: The forum can host workshops, seminars, and training sessions on topics relevant to the financial services industry, such as regulatory compliance, fintech innovations, and sustainable finance. These educational opportunities can contribute to the professional development and skill enhancement of professionals in both Luxembourg and Spain.

Promotion of Luxembourg as a Financial Hub: Taking part in the Spanish Financial Forum will enable us to highlight Luxembourg’s strengths as a leading international financial centre, raise awareness and make it more attractive to Spanish players.