Company: Fiduciaire Cabexco SARL
Interviewed person: Olivier Murru
Post: Director
Email address:

Briefly describe the history of your company.

Fruit of the spirit of independence and perseverance of its founder, Fiduciaire Reuter-Wagner was created in 1986 on the initiative of Bernadette Reuter-Wagner, chartered accountant and company auditor.

After a continuous growth of about twenty years, the fiduciary got a makeover in 2008 with the arrival of Paolo Crea and Olivier Murru who, by joining forces with Bernadette Reuter, gave birth to Fiduciaire Cabexco.

The values present at the creation of the Firm are still found today in the determination of the current leaders: Claude Hanzen who joined Olivier Murru in 2018, and Philippe Lambert, who joined our Fiduciary in 2021.

Our firm work for 1,000 clients daily, from long-established companies to projects by young entrepreneurs, innovative companies or traditional professions.

Which activity does your company currently develop in Luxembourg?

Cabexco is a company active in the following fields: accounting, tax expertise/advice, social secretary/human resources.

We help small and large businesses to grow in Luxembourg.

You can consult the details of our activities on our website:

What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to its competitors?

Our team, in part composed of members the “Ordre des experts comptables”, works together and for you to facilitate the prosperity and sustainability of your business. Our ambition is to help you build your future.

What services can you offer to other members of the Chamber?

We can help the members to develop their (temporary or not) activities in Luxembourg. For example:
– Company constitution.
– Activities development.
– Accounting and tax advice.
– Secondment of Employees in Luxembourg.