Empresa: FRIME | The Sustainable Tuna Company
Persona entrevistada: Pablo Múgica
Cargo: Director General
Email: pmugica@frime.com
Web: https://www.frime.com/

What is FRIME and what makes it different from other fish distribution companies on the market?

Frime is a family company dedicated mainly to the processing and sale of tuna in loins and portions.

Thanks to our policy of commercial partners and our industrial processes, we import more than 30,000 tonnes of Yellowfin tuna per year, which is equivalent to a 21% share of the European market and gives us a leading position in this segment.

Frime employs more than 600 people and has a turnover of around 150 million Euros.

FRIME’s history goes back to 1937, could you highlight the most relevant milestone for the company?

The most important milestone for the company was the signing of the exclusive import agreement for the Mexican fishing fleet “Pesca Azteca” in 2021.

How does FRIME contribute to the maintenance of the oceans and their biodiversity?

Frime contributes to the maintenance of the oceans and their biodiversity by working with fleets with sustainability certification seals. Especially the MSC certification (Marine Stewardship Council) which sets standards for sustainable fishing and traceability of certified sustainable fish products.

What does investment in R&D mean for FRIME?

At Frime, we are a company that dedicates a significant amount of human and economic resources to R&D. Mainly to processes and products.

You have recently participated as sponsors of the luncheon-debate with Charlina Vitcheva, Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission organised by the Chamber, how do you think you have been able to benefit from this experience?

It has opened our minds to see how the ecosystem of companies, public and private organisations and the administration of the European Commission interacts. And it has convinced us in the implementation of our idea of having a certain presence in Brussels.