Company: Grupo Vall Companys
Interviewed person: Tomás Rubiato
Position: Head of Institutional Public Affairs

What is the mission of the Vall Companys Group?

The Vall Companys Agri-Food Group is a family-run business group dedicated to producing healthy and sustainable food efficiently. The Group, founded in 1956, is made up of more than 45 companies integrated along the value chain and had its productive origins in flour and later in livestock breeding and meat production. It is currently the leading agri-food operator in Spain in terms of turnover. It is a supplier to the food industry, the modern distribution or retail sector, the traditional channel and the Horeca channel. Its turnover is consolidated in the domestic market, in the EU market and in exports to third countries.

What are the main challenges facing the group today?

The Vall Companys Group is the leading livestock operator in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, as well as one of the main industrial meat groups in the EU.

Its business challenges are not limited to the national level, but are global in nature. Therefore, the Group and the entire meat sector in general face very significant challenges arising from the crisis in raw materials, high energy costs, as well as a significant cost of adapting to the new European regulations.

How has the increase in the cost of raw materials in Spain affected the group’s activity and what measures have you taken to deal with it?

Contrary to what many believe, the food sector started to notice raw material price increases in the summer of 2020, when the so-called “flat rate” period came to an end. It is true that, for the consumer, this perception was not passed on until March 2022. The Group has a global vocation and has always tried to make medium- and long-term provisions for the purchase of raw materials and its energy resources.

What other companies comprise the group and what is their specialisation?

The Group is made up of more than 45 companies that integrate the entire agri-food value chain. Its business activities range from the import of raw materials, flour production, the production of compound feed, to the rearing of chicken, pigs, Iberian pigs and, to a lesser extent, cattle and rabbits.
In addition, on the industrial side it has slaughtering, butchering and processing plants (cured and cooked) and finally commercial units for the distribution and sale of the products.

Why is being present in the European environment interesting for the group and what do you expect from your membership in the Chamber?

For Vall Companys it is very important to become a member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. It will allow us to interact with other Spanish companies with activities in Belgium and Luxembourg, to share experiences with them, as well as to advance in our relationship with the European institutions.