New Board of Directors of the Spanish Charity Assotiation in Belgium

The SEBB is a charitable institution which, set up at the beginning of the 20th century, serves, as far as it is able, the needs, both material and moral, of the Spanish people in Belgian territory.

The Board of Directors, which governs the activities of the SEBB, is made up of volunteers of Belgian and Spanish nationality.

The Honorary Presidency is held by the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium.

In her capacity as Honorary President, the Ambassador, Beatriz Larrotcha Palma, convened the General Assembly which, meeting on 16 July, dealt, as a matter of priority, with the renewal of the Board of Directors.

For reasons of age, the following resigned from their posts: the President, Carmen Gómez de Olea de Felsenhart, the Treasurer, Nieves Calatayud de Glanard and the Judge, Hubert Preiser.

The Assembly elected María José Cano Alemán as President. Manuel Menéndez Barrero, a member of the Chamber’s CA, continues as Vice President. Our President, Juan Rodríguez-Villa Matons, joins the Board of Directors as Treasurer.

The Chamber of Commerce, as the spokesperson for a significant part of Spanish civil society in Belgium, expresses its admiration and gratitude to the three outgoing members for the dedication, commitment and generosity that, over several decades, have made it possible to alleviate the economic and moral problems of Spaniards in need.