Formación “Comunicación para proyectos europeos”

Online training on “Communication for EU projects”

On the 30th of November and the 1st of December, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organised an online training on “Communication for EU projects”, in collaboration with its member Vision Communication Consultancy, whose Director, Ramón Vila, led both sessions.

This online training, focused on professionals in branding, public affairs, marketing, communications, or community engagement, offered the keys to execute and assess a comprehensive and effective communication campaign for their European agencies, organizations, programs, and projects.

During the first session, an introduction of the communication for EU project was made with an explanation of the different existing European projects. The reality of the consortiums in European projects and the need to adapt the communication strategy according to the type of project and the context were explored. More technical issues such as the requirements and obligations of companies within a project of this type were also discussed.

In the second session, deeper look toward the European projects’ communication was done by exploring the social media management, the different communication products, and event management, as well as the need to create powerful messages. Finally, the importance of measuring impact was emphasised, as well as having clear objectives and analysing results.

Throughout both journeys, participants had the opportunity to learn about examples of good and bad practices of communication in various European projects and they learnt how to effectively design and manage a communication strategy in projects granted by the European Union.