Plenary Session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

On 30 June the plenary of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce met in Madrid. The Official Chambers of Commerce from Spain in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania were represented by the President of FEDECOM, Mr. Juan Rodriguez-Villa Matons. During the Plenary session, the Master Plan 2015-2018 was approved. This Plan will establish the actions of the Chamber for the next 4 years.

The main objective is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of the economy and the Spanish companies. The Chamber will concentrate its own efforts on priority areas that they will define according to three criteria: competitiveness, internationalization and strategic relevance.

For each of these priority areas, evaluation diagnosis and specific proposals will be carried out that will be incorporated in the Chamber Competitiveness Plan (every two years), the Internationalization Plan (every year) and the Private Activities Plan to help the companies.logo_camaras_-_c_-_listado

The Chamber´s Competitiveness Plan will be structured around 8 key areas for intervention that will take into account the external and the internal factors they influence in the competitive capacity of the companies. The main areas for intervention will be training, entrepreneurship, technological innovation and financing.

The Internationalization Plan of the Spanish Companies will be organized around 4 points: information, awareness and training, internationalization competitiveness and institutional cooperation. The Plan will include the actions of the Chamber to offer to the companies the knowledge and advice that they will need to export and consolidate their presence abroad.

Concerning the Private Activities Plan, it will include all of the services to help the companies carry out without public funds and advice.

In addition, the Chamber will create advisory commissions, at horizontal and sectoral levels, in which they will incorporate the Chamber´s vision and proposals in each work area to help define how Spain should be in 10 years. So far, the Training Commission, University-Business, Innovation, Tourism and Trade have been created.

The application of the Master Plan is based on three basic pillars. In the first place, the territorial net of the Chambers of Commerce, a main point in the implementation of the projects that guarantees the direct qualitative and homogeneous action for business and entrepreneurship in Spain In the second place, the large companies as an important element of the set of the productivity activities. And finally, the institutions, with the Chamber of Commerce acting as a border between the public and the private, capable of ensuring an effective public-private collaboration.

Ultimately, the Master Plan of the Chamber of Spain shows the commitment of this institution to stabilize the system. The company will be the major player in the process of adaptation to the current economic and social changes and they are consolidating the basis for the progress and the collective welfare of the future of Spain.

The new organization chart

The plenary of the Chamber of Commerce was informed about the new organization chart of the institution to give a better service to the business and the Chambers net. In the new organization chart the position of Manager Director is now vacant. Javier Carretero, the latest Manager Director, informed the President of the Chamber of Commerce on his decision to resign.

Source: Chamber of Commerce from Spain