Resolution of Creative StartUp Europe Program

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, Finnova, FIBICC, the Department of Culture and Department of Labor and Social Security of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium, participating entities of Programme’s Creative StartUp Europe, agreed on providing personalized support fostering a relevant improvement as well as contributing to the general development of initiatives aimed at all program’s participating candidates*.

The Creative SartUp Europe Programme’s goal is primarily focused on the acknowledgement of the entrepreneurship of every Spanish young person located in Belgium regarding the cultural sector and creative industries. So on, this program aims at positively contributing to the empleability of Spanish youth living abroad in the cultural sector and creative industries.

In addition to this, thanks to the Program, the importance of culture and innovation as tools for the enhancement of social and economic development is recognized. As well as contributing to the stimulation of new generations to be employed at cultural projects abroad.

The Creative StartUp Europe Programme accounts for a relevant support towards culture, creation and innovation conceived as paths for entrepreneurship and support of enterprising in Belgium.

*Fulfillment of call’s requirements is required.