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The Association of Registrars of Spain is a public law Corporation under the Ministry of Justice and it is composed by a thousand registrars in charge of Property, Business and Movable Property Registers. The Registry is an instrument that facilitates the exchange of rights, gives certainty and security to the transfer of goods (whether movable or immovable) and facilitates the free movement of goods and services between Member States. This free movement, one of the fundamental pillars of European integration from the founding treaties to the Treaty of Lisbon, must be accompanied by mechanisms that guarantee the legal certainty of transactions at national and European level.

The purpose of its presence in Brussels is twofold: firstly, to collaborate actively with the Community institutions in studying and advising on those areas of Community policies in which Spanish registrars are specialists. Some of these issues are the recognition and enforcement of decisions and authentic instruments in matters of inheritance, civil and commercial matters, matrimonial property regimes, company law and electronic signatures, among others. Secondly, they aim to familiarise EU consumers with the Spanish legal system applicable to the acquisition of real estate and its registration in order to guarantee full security in real estate legal transactions.