START – Strategic ParTnership to Improve InternAtionalization skills of SMEs in
ReTail sector

The START project is a 24-month project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme that aims to promote the internationalisation of SMEs in the retail sector, stimulating economic growth and development, thus fulfilling one of the most important priorities of the EU.

The project will provide retailers and young or unemployed people interested in this sector with experience and tools to improve their internationalisation competences in order to gain the necessary knowledge and be able to develop a competitive internationalisation strategy to expand their business to international markets.

Within the specific objectives, the aim is to:

    • Define the professional profile of the “internationalisation manager” for SMEs in the retail sector to support continuous training in this field. This profile should become a reference standard when talking about internationalisation training for retail trade.
    • Train entrepreneurs, start-ups and decision-makers in the sector.
    • To train young people and the unemployed who are looking for new job opportunities in this sector.
    • To increase the digital literacy of learners to facilitate the distance learning process and to optimise the use of e-commerce technologies to further develop small retail businesses.

Who can participate?

    • Start-ups and entrepreneurs in the retail sector.
    • Young unemployed people looking for job opportunities in the retail sector.
    • VET students who want to work in the retail sector.
    • Organisations providing VET training and organisations with contact to entrepreneurs and companies in the retail sector (i.e. schools, VET and adult trainers; lifelong learning and VET associations; sector business associations, business incubators; coworking spaces; local or regional institutions) will also be involved in different phases of the project, either as participants or as stakeholders.

The Consortium

This project will be implemented at local level by:

    • Official Spanish Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg – Belgium/Luxembourg
    • Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza – Poland
    • Markeut Skills SL – Spain
    • Assists Software SRL – Rumania
    • Lovila Limited – Cyprus

Visit the website of the Program

For more information contact:
Andrea Galante, project manager