La plataforma de aprendizaje online de Startcraft ya está disponible

Startcraft’s online learning platform is now available for students and entrepreneurs in the craft sector

The European StartCraft project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, is coming to an end. After more than two years working on the initiative, vocational training students and new entrepreneurs in the craft sector can now benefit from its results.

In an open and modernised format, StartCraft has been developed into an online platform where you will find an e-learning section, teaching materials for trainers, and a tool to analyse your business idea.

The contents, reviewed by professionals and elaborated from market research and focus groups, offer all the necessary knowledge to create and operate a company in a context in which online shopping, promotion on social networks or the creation of a functional, attractive, and simple web space for your target audience, among others, are predominant.

In addition, access to the platform is quick and free (just register here) and will be configured in one of the six available languages: Spanish, English, French, Greek, Polish or Italian.

Last Friday 30 September, during the conference “Crafts, improve your business skills for the future“, some professionals from different sectors such as ceramics, jewellery or fashion already had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the platform and observe first-hand its operation and final results.

Those attending the event, which took place in the Fais-Le Toi-Même space, also made the most of the occasion to share experiences and weaknesses, and to provide solutions, new sales channels and greater commercial projection.

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