Success of the 5th Workshop on Social Media Management for Business and European Projects

Last 21st and 22nd of March, the Chamber held the 5th edition of the workshop on social media management and European projects, in order to promote the image of business in the European market.

During the first day, after everyone’s presentations, the professor Philippe Schifflers started by explaining the role of a community manager, as well as the main characteristics and attributes to take into account in this field. Furthermore, he focused on the usage of different social networks such as Facebook, Slideshare, Google+ o Youtube, as well as many tools which, besides being very easy to use, they turn out very helpful for visual content creation, design or even the metrics.

During the second dat, Schifflers focused on two of the main networks: Linkedin and Twitter, and the different functions they offer in order to create engagement and optimize our brand. Finally, he conducted a practical case in which one of the participants showed everyone her activity online to promote her own business. The teacher and the other participants made a brainstorming proposing her different recommendations to improve her strategy.

The workshop took place in a very participative and dynamic atmosphere, in which the participants had the opportunity to know the basis of a good social media management in their particular positions at institutions, organizations and companies.