The Chamber maintains its partnership with Antwerp University as part of the EYE programme


On the 19th of October, the Chamber presented the workshop “Test your business idea with the EYE programme” to the students of the Spanish course for Business and Economics at the Antwerp University.

This session was arranged as part of the Chamber’s yearly collaboration with the University, with the objective of not only engaging with students to explore entrepreneurship but also to tap into their innovative potential and assist them in crafting a business plan.

The students had a 90-minute window to establish their own “start-ups” and seek guidance from the Chamber’s project manager on refining their business plans and testing their entrepreneurial concept within the European programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

The Chamber thanks once again the invitation of the University of Antwerp, and specially to Lieve Vangehuchten, Head of Spanish Business and Professional Communication at the Institute of Academic and Professional Communication (IPAC) of the University of Antwerp, and looks forward to continuing collaborating with them to promote entrepreneurship among university students.

If you would like to know more about the programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, please contact Noelia Sánchez at