The Chamber renews its participation in the EYE programme for another four years


Last February, the Chamber renewed its participation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme for four more years. Since the first exchange under the programme was closed in July 2016, the Chamber has managed an increasing number of exchanges each year. If in the first three-year cycle (2016-2019) the total number of collaborations was 29, in the second (2019-2022) the figure rose to 126.

With reference to the latter period, a total of 21 exchanges between European entrepreneurs were processed during 2019. In 2020 there were 34 and in 2021 a total of 55. In 2022, before the end of the cycle, 16 exchanges were managed.

Thanks to the renewal, the Chamber will continue to manage this programme funded by the European Commission for another four years with the main objective of continuing to identify experienced entrepreneurs established in Belgium and Luxembourg who want to host European entrepreneurs and identifying and supporting future entrepreneurs residing in Belgium and Luxembourg who wish to make a stay abroad.