The Chamber renews its participation in the EYE programme

The past 1st of February, the Chamber renewed for three more years its participation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Since in July 2016 the Chamber closed its first exchange in the framework of the programme, the Chamber has managed a total of 29 exchanges in the last three years, doubling the numbers in each period.

During 2018 a total of 17 exchanges among Europeans entrepreneurs were managed by the Chamber, nine more than in 2017. Among them, 13 were experienced entrepreneurs based in Belgium that hosted other European entrepreneurs. The Chamber also managed the profile of 4 new entrepreneurs, supporting them drafting their business plan and identifying their hosting company.

Now the Chamber has three years ahead were it will manage this EU funded programme with the main objective of continue identifying experienced entrepreneurs based in Belgium that are willing to host other European entrepreneurs and identifying and supporting future entrepreneurs interested in doing an exchange abroad.