The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Spain is born (Chamber of Commerce of Spain)

Freixenet president, José Luis Bonet, has been elected as the new president of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation by taking a vote during the constituent sitting of the Plenary celebrated today at the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. He is being accompanied by the president of Santander Bank, Ana Botín, and the presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona and Cantabria, Miguel Valls and Modesto Piñeiro, who will occupy the three vice-chairman of the Executive Committee appointed by the plenary members. Barceló group president, Simón Pedro Barceló, will hold the position of Treasurer.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce replaces the High Council of Chambers by virtue of the Law 4/2014 of 1st of April, approved with the support of all of the Parlamentary groups. The main goal of it is updating and revitalizing the Spanish business landscape, mainly consisting of Pymes, and the contribution to the growth of the Spanish economy and the employment creation. It is born with the vocation of being a meeting point where they can discuss and work together with the main actors of our economy.

The Chamber, that keeps the legal nature of a corporation under public law, will be supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and will represent and coordinate all of the Chambers.

It will also have to develop the Chamber´s plans of Competitiveness and Internationalization of the economy, in collaboration with national and international network of Chambers and Public Administrations, as well as the momentum of the dual vocational training in collaboration with the companies.

Furthermore, it will operate in the areas of entrepreneurship or mediation and arbitration.



Composition of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Chamber

PRESIDENT Freixenet Group: Mr. José Luis Bonet Ferrer

Vicepresident 1st Santander Goup: Ms. Ana Patricia Botín

Plenary Assistant: Enrique García Candelas

Vicepresident 2nd Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona: Mr. Miguel Valls i Maseda

Vicepresident 3rd Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria: Mr. Modesto Piñeiro García-Lago

Treasurer Barceló Group: Mr. Simón Pedro Barceló Vadell



Chamber of Commerce of Lleida: Mr. Joan Horaci Simó y Burgués

Chamber of Commerce of Andújar: Mr. Eduardo Criado García

Chamber of Commerce of Madrid: Mr. Pedro Antonio Martín Marín

Chamber of Commerce of Valencia: Mr. José Vicente Morata Estragues

Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña: Mr. Marcelo castro-Rial Schuler

Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao: Mr. José Ángel Corres Abásolo

Chamber of Commerce of Miranda de Ebro: Mr. Fernando Escobillas López de Silanes

Chamber of Commerce of Cuenca: Mr. Félix Aceñero Morillas



Grupo Corporativo Fuertes: Mr. Tomás Fuertes Fernández

Grupo Iberdrola: Mr. José Gasset Loring

Grupo ACS: Mr. Antoni Garcia Ferrer

Técnicas Reunidas: MR. José Lladó

Grupo Volkswagen: MR. Ramón Paredes Sánchez-Collado

Repsol: MR. Arturo Gonzalo Aizpiri

Grupo Inditex: MR. Antonio Abril Abadín

Grupo el Corte Inglés: MR. Juan Ignacio Lamata Cotanda

Caixabank: MR. Juan Antonio Alcaraz García

Telefónica: Ms. Maria Garcia-Legaz Ponce

Indra: Ms. Emma Fernández Alonso

Grupo BBVA: Ms. Eva Piera Rojo

Grupo Planeta: MR. Patrici Tixis

Asisa: MR. Francisco Ivorra Miralles



MR. José María Lacasa Aso

MR. Agustín Cordón Barrenechea


Ms. Carmen Cárdeno Pardo


MR. Víctor Audera López


Ms. Soraya Mayo Alonso

Source: Spanish Chamber of Commerce

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New Law of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Spain