WLead, the programme to improve women’s leadership skills

WLead is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that aims to promote the reskilling and upskilling of women entrepreneurs, employed and unemployed who seek to boost their professional career.

The WLead project will develop throughout its 2 years of duration a set of training tools for women that will be accessible through an online learning platform to give answer to the special needs most demanded by women today.

Additionally, 3 face-to-face training seminars will be held in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain to test the previously developed tools in practice and also mentoring meetings will be held among the participating women.

Finally, several events will take place at national level to disseminate the results of this initiative that will provide women with the skills they need to be leaders in the professional field in a new digital era.

Who can participate?

  • Women employees who want to be promoted to managerial positions within a company;
  • Women entrepreneurs who want to improve their entrepreneurial and social skills;
  • Unemployed women who seek to access or reintegrate into the labour market or start their entrepreneurial career;

The Consortium:

For more information:
Noelia Sánchez, Project Manager