04/01-02 Webinar on Communication for EU projects

On April 1st and 2nd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of in Belgium and Luxembourg, will organize in Brussels a webinar on “Communication for EU projects”, in collaboration with its member Vision Communication.

Communication plays a central role in today’s world, acting as the glue factor that enables technology transfer, connects innovations with funding, businesses with customers or policy-makers with civil society.

This course will guide the participants on how to effectively design and manage communication in projects granted by the EU, as it’s a fundamental work package in all EU-funded projects.

This workshop will be divided in two days, of 4 hours duration each and will be held in English. During the first session an introduction to communication in European projects will be made and it will be explained the different types of European projects and how to design and manage communication in projects granted by the EU. In the second session, the attendees will have the opportunity to discover more about communication management in depth through a practical exercise.

You can sign up for this workshop through this reply form.

For more information about the program click here.