Webinar on “Where are the business opportunities during the coronavirus?”

On April 16th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized a webinar on “Where are the business opportunities during the coronavirus?”, by the mentor Karine Brück, founding partner of Karine Bruck International (Ecosolve SL). The webinar was attended by a dozen companies.

The webinar was aimed at European companies interested in learning how to identify the sectors of opportunity that still exist during this global crisis and how SMEs can take advantage of them.

She mentioned the difficult and unprecedented situation that we are going through and that implies a drastic change in the global economic environment. Several topics were mentioned like the supply chain and demand collapse, the financial constrain, the investment freeze in addition to some global economic impact estimations.

Then, some clear guidelines for companies to confront this crisis were given, such as, workforce protection, supply chain stabilization, customer engagement, financial stress testing and nerve-center integration. She also proposed the creation of a Crisis Management Center as a key instrument for monitoring the situation and creating crucial future strategies for the survival of the enterprise. Ms. Brück recommended, especially for the short- and medium-term wellbeing of the company, to modify the sales strategy and to improve communication within and outside the company for reducing uncertainty and strengthen coordination.

In a broader perspective, an overview of the situation by sectors was given including the identification of the ones that will be leading the market in the coming months. Moreover, from a macroeconomic perspective, she provided the participants with the most helpful tools to identify new international tradepartners that could play a decisive role in the future trade activity of the companies.

Finally, she also gave some insights on multisectorial opportunities and she focused on potential tenders that could be interesting for most of the industries.

After the presentation, a Q&A was featured where the participants could ask their doubts about the information explained.

The Chamber wants to sincerely thank Karine Brück for her amusing and enriching presentation.