Workshop on European tenders

The 23rd and 24th of May, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a  workshop on “European tenders: detection of opportunities and preparation of winning offers”, which had the aim of giving the participating companies or individuals the necessary knowledge to start preparing tenders in accordance with the procedures of the EU. The workshop, given by Karine Brück, founding partner of Karine Bruck International (Ecosolve SL) in English, filled all places.

During the first day of the training, the different European institutions, agencies and associations were presented, as well as the types of existing tenders. Also, the descriptions of the different phases of the projects were exposed to explain the opportunities that could arise in each of them for the companies. Secondly, Brück emphasized the strategies for detecting calls and selecting the opportunities that European tenders presented, taking into account the particular characteristics of the business.

Throughout the second day, attendees could deepen their knowledge in European tenders by conducting a practical case, through which they understood how to structure a logical framework correctly. In this second part of the training, concepts related to the preparation and elaboration of the technical and economic reports were explained, as well as tips for the search of experts and the formation of consortiums were provided.

During these two days, all attendees had the opportunity to learn about different tools, which will help companies to detect opportunities and improve the preparation of technical offers. At the end of the course, Brück answered questions and clarified the doubts of the participants. The workshop was developed in a participative and dynamic environment in which attendees could understand the necessary knowledge to winning offers.