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24/06 Ordinary General Assembly


The Chamber’s Ordinary General Assembly 2024 will be held on 24th June. It will take place at 18:30 at the Cervantes Institute in Brussels (Avenue Louise 140, 1050 Brussels). The General Assembly is the statutory framework that enables members to participate, personally, in the life of our entity.

The presentation of candidatures, whether renewals or new appointments, for members of the Board of Directors, must be notified to the Secretary General of the Chamber in writing signed before 10 June ( and must comply with the conditions set out in article 22 of the statutes of the Chamber.

It is hereby stated that, as from the publication of this notice of meeting, the members are entitled to consult and obtain at the registered office of the Chamber the documents subject to deliberation at this meeting and in particular, the Annual Accounts and Management Report for the financial year 2023 and the certifications of the Annual Accounts issued by the Auditor.

The General Assembly may be attended by members who are up to date with their membership fees five days prior to the General Assembly and who are registered on the official list of members. Members who are unable to attend the General Assembly may be represented by another member present. To do so, the member must send by e-mail to the attention of the Secretary General, a signed power of attorney, in which he/she grants his/her representation to another member, at least two working days before the date of the Assembly.