European Tender Week

On April 27th, 28th and 29th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized a webinar on “European Tender Week”, in collaboration with Karine Brück.

This webinar aimed to provide participants with information on European tenders, with two levels both for beginners and experienced users. Karine Brück, who conducted the webinar, has over 15 years of experience in European tenders and is the founding partner of Karine Bruck International (Ecosolve SL).

This webinar was aimed at European companies interested in learning how to prepare and manage European tenders which offer a great opportunity in the midst of this global crisis. Thus, thanks to the webinar the participants received all the necessary information so that their companies, from very different sectors, can take advantage of these new opportunities offered by European tenders.

In the first session, the concept of European tenders was introduced and its core functioning was explained. At the beginners’ level, participants were explained the types of tenders, market opportunities, basic requirements for participation, and the main advantages and difficulties often encountered in the process. At the advanced level, a practical analysis of the procedure and the administrative terms and legal documents required was made.

In the next session, the beginners’ group worked on a preparation strategy and the speaker made basic recommendations to avoid the most common mistakes of companies that are applying to this type of European procedure for the first time. Moreover, the main sources of information and how to find the most interesting opportunities for each company were analysed. At the advanced level, the key elements for a winning technical proposal and the best practices on its elaboration process were worked on.

In the third and last webinar, both groups worked on a practical example of a bidding process. The speaker explained in detail, from the identification of the opportunities of the tenders to recommendations and practical advice, also including a methodological proposal of preparation and key elements to be taken into account. In addition, after each session question rounds were conducted, in which participants could raise doubts about the information presented and about their company’s specific sector.

The Chamber wants to sincerely thank Karine Brück once again for her enriching presentation and her enormous dedication, as well as to the participants for their attendance.