“Active Job Search 2.0” – Free workshop held in the framework of Programa Jóvenes Belux

On the 6 October, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg held the free workshop “Active Job Search 2.0”. The workshop was given by Philippe Schifflers, digital marketing and communications expert. This course took place in the framework of the Programa Jóvenes BeLux, supported by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Spain.

Around 15 young people attended to this course with a very participative attitude. “80 % of firms in Brussels, when a new professional is needed, they search among LinkedIn candidates”, outlined the lecturer. Based on this data, Schifflers focused the first part of the workshop on the ways to improve LinkedIn’s profile. The attendees could also learn some other useful tools, such as RSS, Google Alerts or Buffer that allow to customize the job search, and therefore, to save time.

Finally, the lecturer shared with the attendees the different methods to increase the chances of finding a job. Besides, he gave them advice about how to deal with the interview and how to prepare the motivation letter. The participants were really involved in the course with their interventions, in which they stated their personal cases and therefore the rest of participants could learn of their mistakes.

The Chambers acknowledges Philippe Schifflers for giving this workshop in their facilities and hopes it has been useful to the attendees.