Translation and Accompaniment

With the purpose of helping Spanish companies and ensuring their success in communicating with other Belgian and/or Luxembourgish companies, the Chamber of Commerce presents a translation and/or accompiement service to meetings or fairs for business’ in the official languages of the country.

What does it consist of?line02_vertical

Translation is a discipline that goes beyond simply translating words since it requires in-depth knowledge of the working languages and cultural, sociological, economic and political context with a deep academic and professional qualification.

In order to help Spanish companies to ensure success of communication with Belgian and / or Luxembourgian companies, the Chamber provides translation services with a full combination of languages: Spanish-French-Spanish, Spanish-Dutch-Spanish, Spanish-English-Spanish.

The Chamber offers a limitless supply of translations, which includes, among other things:

– General translations (documents and reports, corporate information, contracts, etc.)

– Specialized translations (legal, economic, financial, technical, scientific, web pages, etc.)

– Certified translations.

– Proofreading of documents.

Required information 

– Translation: Text in Word format, PDF or JPG.

– Languages requires.
Execution Time

The time required for the delivery of the translation service depends on the number of words in the text to be translated. In any case, the date of delivery will be indicated in the budget given by the Chamber.


– Translation: The cost varies depending on the request language, word count and translation type (commercial or certified).

How do I apply?
 Feel free to request a quote through

 Members of the Chamber will benefit from preferential rates