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“Transform the way your hybrid team works thanks to Emotional Engineering” training session held


On 31 January, the Chamber hosted in its facilities a new training: “Transform the way your hybrid team works thanks to Emotional Engineering”. The course was given by our EmprendeBeLux partner, Izaskun Bernal.

Through a dynamic and practical workshop, coach Izaskun Bernal presented emotional engineering as a tool for managing hybrid teams.

The innovative method proposed by Bernal is based on the Omega Theory developed by Dr. Preciada Azancot and postulates that there are a series of hierarchical values that allow individual human development, but that can also be applied to teams and organisations in the workplace.

These values are, in order of hierarchy, security, intellectual development, justice, personal status, a sense of belonging and a sense of fulfilment. According to Bernal, meeting these needs within an organisation is key to improving both the well-being of team members and their productivity.

Through a practical approach, the course also addressed how to deepen into organisational and human behaviour, better understand the mental and emotional state of people at work and analyse the main needs and dysfunctions of teams.